Wednesday, February 1, 2012

YA Saves Reading Challenge

Two bloggers, Patricia at Patricia's Particularity and Andrea at The Busy Bibliophile, are hosting a fun, year-long event for anyone who loves YA books.  It's called the YA Saves Reading Challenge and you can sign up via Goodreads.

The goal is to read YA books that tackle tough issues, whether they're realistic fiction, paranormal mysteries, or anything in between.  This month, one of the recommended reads is Sticky Fingers, so big thanks to Patricia and Andrea for including it in the challenge.

While the organizers have compiled a fantastic list of suggested books, there's no limit to what you can tackle.  Participants then discuss and post reviews of what they've read.  It's a great way to find books that may appeal to you, but that you may never have discovered on your own.

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Patricia's Particularity said...

Thanks for the promo! I can't wait for my review of Sticky Fingers to post!! Thank you so much for participating!!