Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Wicked Prince - Pinterest Inspiration Board

Now live on Pinterest: The inspiration board for next week's newest Royal Scandals release, The Wicked Prince.

This is your chance to look behind the scenes at maps, location photos, and who I'd cast in the roles of Alessandro Barrali and Francesca "Frannie" Lawrence. Feel free to give me your feedback...when you read the book, who do you envision playing these characters?

I have Pinterest boards filled with background for each of the Royal Scandals novels.  Click around (and repin!) to your heart's content.  Then look for The Wicked Prince, coming Tuesday, August 2!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Travel to Croatia

If the Dubrovnik setting of The Royal Bastard made you consider a trip to Croatia, now is a great time to go. Check out this article posted today on CNN, which highlights the spectacular scenery, the explore-at-leisure Old Town, and the stunning architecture.


With its rich history, ancient structures, and beautiful, unspoiled coastline, Croatia was the perfect spot to set The Royal Bastard. I hope you enjoy its pleasures, too!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Goodreads Q & A with Emily March and Christina Dodd

Fans of Emily March's romance novels, including her popular Eternity Springs series, have an active discussion group on Goodreads. The group is open to anyone on Goodreads, and they're about to start reading the compilation Family Secrets, which features one novel each from Emily, Christina Dodd, and me. (A great deal at only $5.99 for three full-length stories!)

Starting this week, Christina and I are joining Emily's group to answer reader questions. We'd love to have you participate! If you've never read a book from Emily or Christina before, this is a great opportunity to discover a new-to-you author.

To participate, or just to read along, visit the group page, then scroll down to Family Secrets.

If you're not yet a Goodreads member, joining is free and easy. The site is a gold mine of information for book lovers. You can find reviews, chat groups, reading suggestions, and more. Reading isn't limited to paperbacks and ebooks, either...even audiobooks are actively discussed.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A New Royal Scandals Book - The Wicked Prince

Great news! Book five in the Royal Scandals series, The Wicked Prince, is now available for preorder. Isn't the cover delicious?

The Wicked Prince is the long-awaited story of Alessandro Barrali, the rebellious twin brother of Sarcaccia's crown prince, Vittorio. If you read Slow Tango With a Prince, you likely remember Alessandro.

To whet your appetite, here's a brief excerpt of a scene between Alessandro and Francesca "Frannie" Lawrence, a woman who just might be Alessandro's match:
Alessandro’s kiss was like a blast of sunshine after a long bout of bone-chilling cold.  Soft and comforting, yet all-encompassing.  She opened to him, and he angled his head to deepen their connection, warming her to her core with the most tender, romantic kiss she’d ever experienced.
He pulled back, but kept his hands tangled in her hair, holding her forehead to his.
“Frannie.”  His whisper was dark, a stark contrast to the gentleness of his touch.  His chest rose and fell, once, twice…and his breath went ragged on the second exhale.  “Oh, Frannie, what are you doing to me?”
It was a chastisement and a warning.
She didn’t care; the risk had already been taken.
“Shh.”  This time, when her lips touched his, he didn’t hold back.

The Wicked Prince is set for release on August 2. Want your copy as soon as possible? The ebook can be pre-ordered now on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Print editions will be available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble on or soon after August 2, and an audiobook edition is also planned. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when new editions are on sale.

I can't wait to share the rest of The Wicked Prince with you. Alessandro's story was flat-out fun to write!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Updates on Your Favorite Authors

In my last series of blogs, I tackled the frequently asked question, "What's your writing process?" Today, I'll address another common reader question: "What's the easiest way to hear about new books or booksignings by my favorite authors?"

The best way to know when your favorite authors have a new book is to go directly to the source. Many authors have their own websites and offer a newsletter. Sign up! I'm a reader as much as I'm an author, so I subscribe to several authors' newsletters. If it gets spammy (some do), you can always unsubscribe. But that way, you know you won't miss a book you've been waiting to read. You're also likely to hear about sales, contests/giveaways, and new versions of your favorite books, such as when an audiobook is released.

To sign up for my newsletter, go HERE. I also have a box on each page of my website where you can fill in your email address to register. It looks like the image on the right. (To prevent unauthorized subscriptions, I'll have you confirm your intent to subscribe.)

If you want more information than an author newsletter provides, there are other resources on the web for learning about upcoming releases, author events, and even book sales.

The first is Goodreads.  Goodreads is a large online reader community. Members can post reviews, maintain virtual bookshelves (listing books as "want to read" or "didn't finish," for instance), enter contests to win books, and join discussion groups. There are even groups for audio books. If there's an author whose books you love, check to see if they have a Goodreads page. If so, there's a box you can click on their page to follow along.  Just look under their photo. Here's what it looks like on my Goodreads page:

You'll also see a "Ask me a question" box on my page. Not all authors have this, but many do. If you want to know about upcoming books, events, or why an author did something specific in a story, type in your question. I check my page frequently to answer any questions. I know other authors do, too.

Second, if you're a Kindle user or if you buy your books from Amazon, check to see if your favorite authors have a page there. As with Goodreads, you can sign up to follow an author. Amazon will automatically send you an update when the author is about to release a new book, and it will include a link directly to the product page. Here's what the follow button looks like on my Amazon author page:

To find an author's page, type their name in the search box at the top of Amazon's home page. It should bring up a list of their books. Click on the author's name on any of those listed books, and you'll be taken to their author page. Then click on the yellow follow button.

Finally, I've discovered several great authors via BookBub. BookBub is, first and foremost, a site that announces book deals. Sign up for their newsletter to receive sale information daily. You can filter your emails to limit the notifications to the types of books you most enjoy (say, nonfiction, romance, and mystery.)

BookBub also allows you to sign up for announcements about particular authors. I love the author feature, since it not only sends me a notice when an author has a new book out, it notifies me whenever that author has a book on sale. It's a fantastic resource. To use BookBub, go to the BookBub website and register. To find a particular author, type their name in the search box. If you type in my name, this is what you'll see:

Click the "Follow" button on my page and you'll receive a notification whenever one of my books is on sale, or whenever I have a new book out.

Of course, there are other resources for author updates. Like many authors, I have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. However, it's easy to miss a tweet if you have a busy tweet stream, and Facebook doesn't always show posts to those who follow a page (ah, the quirks of Facebook!) I've discovered that if I don't want to miss information from my favorites, author newsletters are number one way to keep updated, followed by (in no order) Goodreads, Amazon author pages, and BookBub.

Readers, please share in the comments: what resources have you discovered? Which have you liked, and what hasn't worked for you? What do you wish you could see? And...if you're subscribed to author newsletters, what information do you wish they'd include? (Because I'll make sure I include it in mine!) I'd love to hear your opinions.