Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why We Need Romance Novels

Happy Valentine's Day!

What...you're not a fan?!  Whether or not you have a sweetie with whom you're celebrating, I'd argue that Valentine's Day is worthwhile.  It's an optimistic holiday, one that speaks to humanity's faith in itself.  A holiday that celebrates the fact that, no matter what else may happen in the world on a day-to-day basis, love will find a way to thrive over the long haul.

This optimistic view is also why I believe we need romance novels.  Yes, they're often described by the highfalutin' as fluffy, worthless, or mindless.  However, my guess is that those who describe romance novels in that manner either haven't read one or completely missed the point when they did.  There's a time and place for everything, including entertainment that's optimistic and carries the message that love triumphs, and that's the need romances fulfill.

For those make the case far more eloquently than I do, check out today's issue of USA Today.  A group of romance authors all speak to why we need romance novels.

Now...go forth and have a Happy Valentine's Day.  Make a list of what you have to look forward to in your life.  If nothing else, celebrate the fact that tomorrow the chocolate goes on sale at stores everywhere.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


If the television is on in my house, the odds are good that it's tuned to HGTV, DIY, or the Travel Channel.  I am a home design fiend.  I also have subscriptions to a number of home decorating/design magazines, and have well over ten years of Architectural Digest and Traditional Home on shelves in my basement storage room, completely tape-flagged with notes like "sunny library shelves" or "great fireplace surround."  Anytime something in one of those magazines catches my eye, I flag it.

Of course, this means that when I discovered Pinterest I was all over it.  It allows me to "pin" items I see on websites to a virtual bulletin board that can be shared with others.  By the same token, I can peruse other people's boards to get ideas.  I've started a board with design ideas (of course) as well as boards for my fitness obsessions and favorite books/books I want to buy.

Are you on Pinterest? What do you like?  What kinds of boards have you created? Let me know!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sticky Fingers Interview - The Busy Bibliophile

Happy Monday, all!  (Well, maybe not so happy for Patriots fans like my husband, but we'll forget the Super Bowl for now.) 

Today I'm on The Busy Bibliophile answering questions about Sticky Fingers, fan mail, books I love to read, and my biggest writing challenges. Chocolate may be mentioned.  If you have follow up questions, feel free to post tot he comments here or on The Busy Bibliophile.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

YA Saves Reading Challenge

Two bloggers, Patricia at Patricia's Particularity and Andrea at The Busy Bibliophile, are hosting a fun, year-long event for anyone who loves YA books.  It's called the YA Saves Reading Challenge and you can sign up via Goodreads.

The goal is to read YA books that tackle tough issues, whether they're realistic fiction, paranormal mysteries, or anything in between.  This month, one of the recommended reads is Sticky Fingers, so big thanks to Patricia and Andrea for including it in the challenge.

While the organizers have compiled a fantastic list of suggested books, there's no limit to what you can tackle.  Participants then discuss and post reviews of what they've read.  It's a great way to find books that may appeal to you, but that you may never have discovered on your own.

Barnes & Noble Sale

I like to pass on book sale info whenever possible, and a friend shared a great deal currently being run by Barnes and Noble.  If you're shopping online at BN.com and use code R4R9M8F, you'll receive 50% off books for teens.  If you prefer shopping in the store, I'm told that there is a printable coupon on the BN website -- but I couldn't find it.  If you do, send me the URL and I'll post it here, too.

The deal is available through February 6 and is a one-time deal (you can't use it multiple times) so get your shopping list together fast!