Thursday, October 19, 2017

One Man's Princess

A new Royal Scandals novel is officially on sale! I'm excited to know you'll finally read about Lina Cornaro, the illegitimate daughter of Sarcaccia's popular King Carlo. You'll get to know Lina, a lingerie designer who's on the cusp of great success when her connection to the royal family becomes public, and the man who once broke her heart, fiery Formula One driver Ivo Zanardi.

When she unwillingly finds herself the object of public scrutiny, Lina isn't sure where to turn. When Ivo appears to save her from the paparazzi, she has little choice but to escape on his arm. But can she trust the man who once treated her so coldly? Here's a quick excerpt to whet your appetite:

"I don't usually appreciate the risks you take, but I'm grateful for that one," Lina said.

She slipped her hand into the side pocket of her handbag and withdrew a set of keys. When she raised her head, a drop of rain landed below her right eye, clinging to her skin rather than rolling away.

Ivo brushed away the raindrop, Stilled as her lips parted and her breath warmed the damp hairs where his wrist extended from the cuff of his jacket.
In that instant, he knew he couldn't let her go. 
The book is set in New York City, Milan, Rome, and (of course!) in Sarcaccia. I can't wait for you to join Lina and Ivo on their adventure.

As always, a huge thanks to all of you who've written to tell me how much you've anticipated their book. And a huge thank you in advance to those of you who share the book with friends and family, and who leave reviews on your favorite retail sites and on Goodreads. Word of mouth has made this series successful and I truly appreciate it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Twitter: Royal Following

Read royal romance? You may enjoy following royal news via Twitter. A few of the accounts I watch (all research, of course.):

@MajestyMagazine - Twitter account for Joe Little of Majesty Magazine. Great place to start your royal-watching addiction. Royal wedding/birth/news anywhere in the world? This has you covered.

@RoyalCentral - Daily news on state visits, charity events, and other royal engagements. Focuses primarily on British and other European royalty. Lots of interesting posts if you're fascinated by the day-to-day activities of royal family members.

@RoyalCorrespond - Account of, which provides daily updates on European, Asian, and Middle Eastern royal families. Recent updates have included video tours of royal homes, wedding news, and official speeches from kings and queens around the world.

@byEmilyAndrews - Emily Andrews is the royal correspondent for The Sun newspaper in London. The focus is on British royalty, but covers others when notable events occur.

@VictoriaArbiter - Royal commentator for CNN, CTVNews, and other outlets.

@BBCPeterHunt - BBC royal correspondent.

@RoyalReporter - Account of Richard Palmer, royal correspondent for the Daily Express in London.

@QueenVicMirror - Victoria Murphy, Daily Mirror's royal correspondent.

@RoyalHistorian - Official Twitter account of Carolyn Harris, who writes about the history of royal families. Her most recent book is Raising Royalty: 1,000 Years of Royal Parenting.

@Luxarazzi - Focus on Luxembourg and Lichtenstein, but other news pops up here, as well.

@RoyalPortraits - Follows the Dutch royal family.

@RoyalEurope - Photography agency specializing in coverage of royal families.

@RoyalFocus1 - Twitter of Rex Shutterstock, who's photographed the British Royal family for over 25 years.

@ChrisJack_Getty - Great images of British royal engagements.

If you're interested in historic royal properties--or you anticipate touring a few--check out @HRP_Palaces (an independent charity that looks after many royal properties in the UK), @HeverCastle (childhood home of Anne Boleyn), @PaleisAmsterdam, @LeedsCastleUK, @CVersailles, @DaughtersofHI (Hawai'i) @PalaisMonaco, @MuseeMalmaison, and @ChatsworthHouse.

For royal fashion, there's @HeavenQRF (following European fashions), @LetiziasCloset (following Spain's queen), @CourtJeweller, @RoyalTiaras, @HRHDuchessKate, @KateMiddStyle, @TheDuchessStyle, and one of my favorites, @WhatKateWore.

Don't overlook the official accounts of the royal families themselves. Great ones to follow include @RoyalFamily (UK), @QueenRaina (Queen Raina of Jordan), @Kronprinsparet (Norway), @CourGrandDucale (Luxembourg), @ClarenceHouse (Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall), @KensingtonRoyal (Prince William, Prince Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge), @TheDukeofYork (Prince Andrew), @HHShkMohd (Sheik Mohammed of Dubai), and @CrownPrincessMM (HRH Mette-Marit of Norway).

Of course, I can't help adding my all-time favorite royal account:

@Queen_UK - 100% fake and 100% hilarious if you enjoy royal satire. An example of a recent tweet:

This list is by no means comprehensive--a click on any of these accounts will take you to Twitter feeds for royal fashion blogs, photographers who specialize in capturing royalty at work and play, and historians who research royal families--but if you're searching for royalty news in the English language, this list is the entry to a great rabbit hole. Enjoy!