Friday, June 1, 2012

June Book-a-palooza

June is here, which--for me--means it's finally the season to write outside in the sunshine, rather than in my office.  Since winter is long in Massachusetts, I savor these days.  I tend to get a lot done from June through August while writing on the deck.  If you want to read more about my writing habits, where I get the ideas for my characters, or how I came up with the water gun game for my current book, Shot Through the Heart, check out today's interview on author Jo Ramsey's blog.  I'll be reading the comments and answering your questions (plus it's a great chance for you to check out Jo!)
The other reason to celebrate June?  A ton of spectacular books have hit the market in recent weeks.  I've made some great finds, so I wanted to share them here:

For YA fans, author Terri Clark has a fantastic new romantic story out called Hollyweird.  It's a hilarious look at both the demons and angels of Hollywood.  I've participated in a couple of teen anthologies with Terri and love her work.  If you haven't read her yet, Hollyweird is a great summer beach book. 

If you like steamy paranormal romance, Susan Sizemore just released the newest book in her Primes series, a vampire story called Primal Cravings.  It tells the story of two Dark Angel commandos who are forced to work together to save the world despite their resentment for each other.  Sizemore's books are always rich, creative, and fun--I love her Primes series and have already loaded this one on my e-reader as a reward for meeting my own writing goals.

For those who adore Regency romances, one of my all-time fave romance authors, Elizabeth Boyle, debuts her new Rhymes With Love series this week.  Along Came A Duke is out now and will soon be followed by two more stories, And The Miss Ran Away With the Rake and If Wishes Were Earls (which is perhaps my favorite book title ever.)  Boyle's books are perfect for anyone who likes snappy dialogue and hilarious heroines who refuse to settle.  (Deal alert:  Duke is currently only $4.99 on Kindle through the link above, so it's a steal!)

Finally, for anyone who missed it, Christina Dodd has re-released a phenomenal Regency romance, The Smuggler's Captive Bride.  It's filled with smugglers (obviously), revenge, weddings, and all sorts of drama.  I think Dodd is one of the most talented writers working today, so if you're looking to fill your e-reader, this is a great title to grab (especially since it's $2.99 right now.)  You'll fly through it.

I'm always looking for great new books and authors, so feel free to share your summer beach reading here.  What's surprised you?  What are you most anticipating?