Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Wicked Prince - Pinterest Inspiration Board

Now live on Pinterest: The inspiration board for next week's newest Royal Scandals release, The Wicked Prince.

This is your chance to look behind the scenes at maps, location photos, and who I'd cast in the roles of Alessandro Barrali and Francesca "Frannie" Lawrence. Feel free to give me your feedback...when you read the book, who do you envision playing these characters?

I have Pinterest boards filled with background for each of the Royal Scandals novels.  Click around (and repin!) to your heart's content.  Then look for The Wicked Prince, coming Tuesday, August 2!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Travel to Croatia

If the Dubrovnik setting of The Royal Bastard made you consider a trip to Croatia, now is a great time to go. Check out this article posted today on CNN, which highlights the spectacular scenery, the explore-at-leisure Old Town, and the stunning architecture.


With its rich history, ancient structures, and beautiful, unspoiled coastline, Croatia was the perfect spot to set The Royal Bastard. I hope you enjoy its pleasures, too!