Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royal Wedding: The E-Book Version

Nothing like a royal wedding to start a deluge of royal-themed books.  You just knew the minute Wills and Kate entered that press conference to announce their engagement that a slew of royal biographies, wedding photo books, and wedding etiquette guides would follow.

However, here's one title you might not have expected:

Hyperion Books just released A Modern Fairy Tale from popular British author Jane Green.  Not only does it discuss (as promised by its subtitle) three generations of royal love, this e-book has additional audio and video content.  There's footage from ABC's video archives and a video introduction by Barbara Walters.  It will also include a free downloadable update after the wedding showing footage from the big event.

For those of you with e-readers/iPads, is this something you'd anticipated when you bought your device?  Do you like the idea of having videos and audio to enhance your books?  What do you think of the promised post-wedding updates?  

Don't forget:  If you're watching the royal wedding on April 29th, you can join me on Twitter where I'll be live-tweeting the royal wedding.  I'd love to share the event with you and hear your thoughts on everything from the gown to the guests to the much-anticipated balcony kiss at Buckingham Palace.

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