Thursday, May 1, 2008

No One Consulted Me

...or one of my fave shows of the fall, Journeyman, would not have been cancelled. I wish this show had been given a chance. The writing was great, the characters wonderfully flawed and multi-layered, the acting superb. (Plus, I cannot possibly get a Kevin McKidd fix from watching him in Made of Honor. That movie does not look good.) I sure hope NBC brings Journeyman back.

...or grocery stores would not make Boca Breakfast Wraps nearly impossible to find. These things are DELISH. Two minutes in the microwave for one of these--easy to zap while I'm making my morning coffee--and I'm a happy girl. I hoard these when I can find them.

...or the marketing gurus at Pfizer would never have put this lady in their commercial for Lyrica. Something about her gives me the creeps every time I see the ad. (Probably why a new Lyrica lady has popped up in recent days and on the Lyrica website.)

...or the Angels wouldn't have had such dismal pitching against the Oakland A's earlier this week. My Baseball Challenge team started the week by giving me a negative twenty points. (The Angels pitchers actually got a negative thirty...I only finished with a negative twenty because my position players pulled me partway out of the gutter.) Here's hoping the Cincinnati Reds pitching staff does well tonight, now that I've traded away the Angels. I need the help.

On the bright side, wasn't last night's Survivor the best? While I did like Alexis, (and believe she's watching these episodes at home shocked by how evil and nasty her "buddy" Natalie is), and I'm really bummed about James (my fave!) having to leave for medical reasons, the episode was one of the most entertaining in a while. We got to see James's dad, we saw the look of horror on evil Natalie's face when Alexis was ousted (because Nat knows she's next on the chopping block. And hallelujah!), and Erik winning immunity was priceless. (I think now that James is out, I'm rooting for Erik. What about you?)


Little Willow said...

I'm a vegetarian, and while I like their garden burgers, I haven't tried the Boca wraps yet because I'm not a fan of sausage, even meatless. The other ingredients sound tasty.

I never saw a full episode of Journeyman. I love time travel stories.

Niki Burnham said...

I'm not a fan of the sausage, either. I almost didn't try the wraps because of it, but it turns out, I'm fine with it in the wraps.

I just need to find a few more sources so I can stock the freezer!

Stephanie said...

Survivor has been AWESOME this season! I'm loving it. I wished they had voted Natalie off instead of Alexis. However, I loved that Amanda played the idol. It was great. Not sure who I'm rooting for now since James had to leave?