Sunday, January 6, 2008

Survivor "Favorites"

CBS just announced the cast for the upcoming "Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites" season. Here's the list:

• From the just-completed Survivor China: James Clement, Amanda Kimmel
• From Survivor Fiji: Yau-Man Chan
• From Survivor Cook Islands: Ozzy Lusth, Parvati Shallow, Jonathan Penner
• From Survivor Panama: Cirie Fields
• From Survivor Vanuatu: Eliza Orlins, Ami Cusack
• From Survivor Pearl Islands: Jonny "Fairplay" Dalton

There's an article about the new season at the Entertainment Weekly website.

James--yay! Ozzy and Yau-Man--yay! Jonny Fairplay--YURK. Seriously, why?! Maybe the producers thought it'd be good to have a most-hated in there, but I'm telling you now, when he's onscreen I'll be getting up to make popcorn or grab another Diet Coke. He's unwatchable.

So what do you think? Who are you looking forward to seeing? Who do you think will win? you think the "faves" have any advantage over the "fans" who'll make up the opposing tribe?

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Authorness said...

Happy New Year, Niki!

Totally agree with you on Jonny Unfairplay. My ideal final three would be Yau-Man, James and Ozzy. As for the faves, China's Todd was a huge fan since the show started, and look at how far he went. He has natural-born craftiness, but he must have analysed the game ad infinitum.

Vanessa :)