Monday, January 14, 2008

Peace Works

Last night's Golden Globe press conference was a yawnfest, but the night wasn't a total loss. My favorite team, TK and Rachel, managed to make up a three hour deficit to advance to the last leg of The Amazing Race.

Unlike other teams (coughNateandJencough), TK and Rachel managed to keep from sniping at each other, even when they were under stress. In a tight race, that ended up being the difference.

Lesson learned: Peace Works. I'll be cheering for them to do well in the finale!

In the meantime, anyone know if Nate and Jen are still together? They fought like mad, but seemed to want to make it work away from the intensity of the Race. I'll admit that as awful as they sometimes seemed on the show, the romance sucker in me wants to see them kiss and make up.

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