Friday, June 12, 2015

Now Available in German...

Attention German readers! Two of my classic Silhouette Romances are now available in the EU in German language editions.

Romana Extra #29, which is on stands now, contains the German translation of Going to the Castle, the first book I ever published. Set in the fictional country of San Rimini, it tells the story of a crown prince reluctant to marry and the refugee camp worker who helps him see the world--and his role in it--in a new way.

Romana Extra #30, which will be released on Tuesday, June 16, contains the German translation of Falling for Prince Federico, which is set in the same fictional country as Going to the Castle. It features the crown prince's younger brother, who is a single father to two rambunctious boys, and the woman he hires to help care for them.

I haven't seen the German editions yet, so I look forward to hearing what you think of the translations (particularly those of you who've read them in English already and then try the German versions!)

CORRECTION  (posted three hours later...)  The book being included in Romana Extra #30 this coming Tuesday is NOT Falling for Prince Federico as I originally thought. Instead, it's another book in the same series, The Prince's Tutor.  It's the book that immediately followed Going to the Castle, and is about the family's youngest--and wildest--sibling, Prince Stefano di Talora. 

My guess is that, with the first two books in the series now being released in German, the others--including Falling For Prince Federico--won't be far behind. If and when I get more info, I'll share it here ASAP.


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