Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blurred Keys on the MacBook Air

Nope, your vision isn't blurry.  It's my keyboard:

The letters have slowly started wearing off my MacBook Air.  Much as I'd like to attribute this to the hours I spend typing my novels--a number that's not insignificant--I suspect there's another cause.  I don't wear any lotions, oils, etc. on my hands.  I don't clean the keyboard with anything caustic.  Any Mac aficionados who know what could be causing the worn keys?  Or--better yet--anyone have a fix?

For the record, this isn't my first worn-out keyboard.  I wore through three keyboards on my iBook about eight years ago.  Apple told me it was a freak occurrence.  In that instance, I was able to take apart the iBook and replace the keyboard myself.  Can't do that with an Air.

Anyone else experienced this?  Ever discover the cause?  What was your solution? 


belz said...

I have exactly the same, asde are almost gone

Nicole Burnham said...

I found a place online that sells new keys and replaced them. HOWEVER...take yours in to the Apple store. They will replace them and it's cheaper.If I have to do it again, I'm going to the Apple store.

Vox_Cupiditas said...

This is weird - I went Googling to see if anyone else had this phenomenon, because I have done this to every Mac laptop keyboard I've owned. The Genius Bar people said they'd never seen anything like it, and I was told it was also a freak occurrence. I'm also a novelist, typing a verbiage-heavy historical, but I have a lot of author friends who dash out even more genre stuff, and their keys are fine. Do we have particularly acidic fingers? Are we superheroes with shitty powers?

The world may never know, since it doesn't seem to be a prevalent experience…