Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday Madness

The last few weeks, I've been working hard on the first of what will a new series of romance novels.  However, whenever I reward myself with TV time, I find I'm slammed with ads for Black Friday sales. The evening newscasts are even covering Black Friday, showing the lines outside stores (starting a week in advance in some spots) and the training store employees are getting in advance of the rush.

To me, this all is utter insanity. I avoid malls on regular days, so as you can imagine, I steer well clear on Black Friday.  I abhor chaos and crowds in any setting.  However, my husband loves a good crowd, particularly at concerts or sporting events.  He's a the-more-the-merrier type.

What about you?  Are you a Black Friday fan?  Do you stalk certain stores or items?  Do you feel there are truly deals to be had? 

Me...I plan to do any shopping online.  Easier to avoid the crowds that way.

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