Thursday, December 15, 2011

Morning Funny

If you're on the hunt for humor in your YA reading, take a look at this new blog:

I was recently asked to join several other authors, all of whom write humor for teens, in a group blog.  We'll be chatting about what we're writing, things we find funny, and keeping track of humorous books as they hit the market.  Guest bloggers will be making appearances to discuss what they're writing and the humorous books they've discovered.  While you're there, feel free to suggest titles for our Funny List, which will help other readers find YA humor when they're in the mood for a lighter read.

You can also follow Read It and Laugh on Twitter or "like" us on Facebook for updates and to chat about what you're reading.

All of us love the darker reads, but sometimes you want light and happy for a change of pace and it can be tough to find.  We hope this will be a great resource!

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