Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Because It's Not Happening

I received an e-mail yesterday that went like this:

"Hi Niki! I read all your bks and luv ur blog. How come u haven't blogged about the world series? I am a MAJOR phillies fan and would like to know what u think.

pls keep making great books! K."

Well...hi, K! First, thank you for letting me know you enjoy my books. That's always the way to my heart! I'm very happy for you that your team made it to the Series. I assume you won't get much sleep for the next week or two, as you'll be busy watching TV.

As to why I haven't blogged...imagine if your beloved Phillies had gone out early this year. Well...make that times two. You'd probably feel a tad sour, right? Cough-Red Sox-cough-Rockies-choke-choke-choke. Yep, my teams blew it. The Yankees did not. I decided that the World Series is not happening this year, simple as that.

Okay, not as simple as that.

I went to Paris! France is a sure cure for baseball-related illness, don't you think?

Pictures will be posted here ASAP....

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