Sunday, September 6, 2009

Take That, Labor Day Picnic Pounds!

Ha. You can eat all you want on Labor Day and it's HEALTHY for you! Check out this article:

Skinny Thighs Could Spell Your Doom

Okay, maybe not HEALTHY. But not as bad as you'd think. According to Danish researchers, people with the skinniest thighs (you know, the thighs you wish you had), have the highest chance of heart disease.

I'm not sure I believe it. There are skinny thighs that are the result of starvation (many runway models) and skinny thighs that are the result of hard work (Dara Torres.) I'd take the Dara Torres skinny thighs any day of the week over a runway model's. And I can't imagine that Dara has double the risk of heart disease as the result of her workouts. (Seriously...check out her milk ad at

All that being said...don't feel quite so guilty about the Labor Day picnic consumption. Maybe your inability to fit into skinny jeans means you'll live longer!

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