Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ride The Rockies

If you're a cyclist, or you live in Colorado, you've probably heard of Ride The Rockies. It's a grueling, yearly bicycle ride that covers some of Colorado's prettiest--and highest--terrain. This year, the ride is 435 miles long, starting in Durango and finishing in Breckenridge. I'm proud to say that my brother, my father, and my great-uncle are all on this year's ride, which left Durango yesterday. As I write this, they've successfully completed day one, and are getting ready to take off from Cortez for day two's seventy-seven mile leg to Telluride, which means going over Lizard Head Pass, at a breath-stealing altitude of 10,222 feet. (Check out the elevation maps on the site to see just where it goes!)

If you live in Colorado or southern Wyoming, check out Greg Moody's daily reports about the race on Denver's CBS-4 Evening News. He's interviewing my great-uncle about the race! (So when you see Harley Magee on TV, you can say, "Hey! That's Niki's great-uncle!")

Go Uncle Harley! Go Joe! Go Dad! (Happy Father's Day!)

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