Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Three-fer

Three random things for which I am thankful this Thursday:

1) Ramen noodles. I would have been very, very hungry in college if not for Ramen. Money was pretty tight for me. I stayed in the dorm or my apartment during Thanksgiving and spring break, flying home only during Christmas. I shared textbooks with roommates, skipped cable, tutored athletes and did work-study. Anything to keep a positive balance in my bank account. Ramen tastes good (c'mon, admit it), fills you up, and--best of all--it's dirt cheap.

2) Tomato soup. Cheap, tasty, and a good source of vitamin A. The grocery store near my apartment used to have occasional 5 for a dollar sales on Campbell's Tomato. I'd get a ride to the store and pick up (gasp!) ten bucks' worth. It meant lunch for a month and a half!

3) Frozen veggies. Again, I was pretty darned poor in college, but I didn't want to live on an all-sodium, all the time diet. (Eating nothing but tomato soup and ramen probably had me slowly turning to salt.) But frozen veggies were cheap, frequently on sale, and meant I could get some variety in my diet. I could toss them into the soup or the ramen, eat 'em on their own, or spice them up.

Today, I made myself some tomato soup with frozen okra for lunch. Just because.

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