Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You Know You're A Writer When...

You know you're a writer when you have an entire conversation with your keyboard as you're doing a post-book deadline cleaning.

Me, prying off the space bar with a letter opener: You're disgusting!

Innocent Apple keyboard, speaking in my head: It's your fault. You're not supposed to eat while you work.

Me: Book wouldn't get written otherwise.

Keyboard: But chocolate rice cakes? That's sticky. And crumbly. I don't like the way the fluffy parts feel when they're lodged under my F-D-S-A keys. (And have you checked the option keys at the bottom?)

Me, prying off option keys: Oh, yuck! What's the green?

Keyboard: You tell me.

Me: Hey! Where'd the D key go? You throw it somewhere?

Keyboard: You flipped it across the room when you used the letter opener to pry it off, idiot girl.

Yep, I officially have a wild imagination. I also have a clean keyboard now, which means it's no longer talking to me.

If you can't tell, I'm a tad loopy after staying up late Sunday night to give my novella one final read-through, then staying up again last night to watch the Rockies and Padres game. I missed with my 7-5 Rockies prediction; the game (finally) ended in thirteen innnings with the Rockies winning 9-8. There was a blown home run call in there, as well as a questionable home plate tag at the end. But all in all, a fabulous, hard-fought game--the kind baseball fans love to watch.

I feel awful for Padres fans...the team looked great for a long time, and to have a slow slide at the end (and then lose in a tiebreaker) is disheartening. But I do think they'll be back strong next year. (Have faith, Padre fans!)

In the meantime...I looked up seat prices for the upcoming Red Sox games on StubHub. You could sit down near the field this Friday night if you were willing to shell out somewhere in the neighborhood of $3500 a ticket. Twenty-four hours ago, those same seats were $1280. Talk about inflation.

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