Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Audio Alert!

Many of you have written to tell me that you don’t want to start listening to the Royal Scandals audiobooks until all four of the current titles are out so you could do a binge-listen. Well…great news! The Royal Bastard, the fourth book in the Royal Scandals series, is now available in audio!

Once again, the fabulous Hollis McCarthy narrates. The Royal Bastard is the story of Rocco Cornaro, the mysterious son of King Carlo of Sarcaccia. When thugs kidnap Rocco’s wife and his private life is blown apart, only Queen Fabrizia—a woman he despises—can help.

Here are the book’s opening lines:

Five hours after Rocco Cornaro buried his mother, having tossed the last shovelful of dirt over her grave while wishing her a swift ascent to heaven, Satan knocked at his front door.

More accurately: Satan’s driver rang the bell at Rocco’s wrought iron security gate.

Rocco stood at a second story window in his Dubrovnik villa, seething at the gall of the woman hidden behind the tinted windows of the rented black Mercedes. The uniformed driver hadn’t given his client’s name, but Rocco knew. Her appearance was inevitable after she’d phoned two days ago and he’d hung up after informing her that he had no interest in anything she had to say. He’d thought she’d at least give him the day of his mother’s funeral in peace, but apparently royals did what they wanted when they wanted, and to hell with anyone else.

For those of you who’ve been curious about audiobooks, allows you to download a trial book for free. When you visit the site, click on the orange “Start Trial Membership” button and you can listen to the entirety of The Royal Bastard for free. (Or, start at the beginning of the series with the audiobook of Scandal With a Prince) There are also "sample this book" buttons on each page to let you hear a five-minute sample. It’s a great way to see if audio is for you.


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