Monday, March 22, 2021

Recent FAQs

While my site has a Frequently Asked Questions page, I've received some repeat questions about my books via email, which gives me a great excuse to do a blog post. 

If you have a question, feel free to contact me anytime. I am always happy to answer reader email.


Q: What is the order of the Royal Scandals series? Are there more books planned?


A: To date, there are six full-length novels and three Christmas novellas in the series. Each is designed to stand alone, as there are no cliffhangers from one book to the next. However, many readers prefer to enjoy the stories in order since the series follows family members over the span of several years. The order is:


Christmas With a Prince (novella)

Scandal With a Prince

Honeymoon With a Prince

Christmas on the Royal Yacht (novella)

Slow Tango With a Prince

The Royal Bastard

Christmas With a Palace Thief (novella) 

The Wicked Prince

 One Man’s Princess


More Royal Scandals books are in the works. Once I have release dates, I’ll announce it on my site and in my newsletter.


The related Royal Scandals: San Rimini series is complete with six titles. In order, they are:


Fit for a Queen

Going to the Castle

The Prince’s Tutor

The Knight’s Kiss

Falling for Prince Federico

To Kiss a King




Q: I plan to read both the Royal Scandals and the Royal Scandals: San Rimini series, but should I read one series before the other?


A:  The two series run in parallel, with only slight overlap, so reading one won’t spoil the other. Whichever fires your interest at the moment is the one to read first.




Q: Which book has the background of King Carlo and Queen Fabrizia’s relationship?


A: While there are bits sprinkled throughout the Royal Scandals series, the Big Story behind Carlo and Fabrizia’s early years is covered in The Royal Bastard, the fourth full-length novel in the series.





Q: I loved The Bowen Bride. Will there be more books in the series? Do you know when?


A: More books are planned, but the release date(s) are not yet finalized. I'll post here and will make an announcement in my newsletter as soon as I know. 


Thanks for asking and keep 'em coming!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Special Sale Event: Fit for a Queen

I just learned that the first title in the Royal Scandals: San Rimini series, Fit for a Queen, is included in a fabulous Valentine’s Day sale hosted by Books2Read. Focused on highlighting the range of romance novels, the event features stories in different categories, ranging from historical to paranormal to LGBTQ to contemporary.

Only seven novels were chosen for the contemporary romance category, so having Fit for a Queen there is a thrill.

To access the sale event and all participating retailers, visit the Books2Read Every Kind of Love Story sale site. The sale is good in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, though retailers in other countries and at a variety of retailers are likely to price match, so check your favorite.


If you’ve already read Fit for a Queen, send the link along to a friend. This is the first time the book has been on sale, so it’s an excellent opportunity to give the series a try.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Refilling the Well


Today, some throwback shots to a trip taken to Egypt in January 2019. I went to visit family and to explore, but left with so much more than pretty shots on my camera.


Writers often talk about refilling the well between books. There’s a need to get away from the computer to gain perspective and learn something new. Travel has always done that for me, whether it's to a different part of the world or to the next state. Not only does travel provide fresh story ideas, I love having the opportunity to experience a new culture, from its food to its architecture to its etiquette and traditions. Learning about daily routines, clothing, humor, the weather, even picking up the different sounds and smells…it goes far beyond visiting a few bucket list tourist sites. It's all a joy.

Though this trip was two years ago, it feels distant. 

Here’s hoping we can all travel safely soon. 


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sale Alert: Christmas With a Prince


We're almost to the end of 2020 and happily I have some good news to share today.

If you're craving a dose of holiday optimism (featuring a winery wedding, a secret Christmas tree, and a second chance romance), CHRISTMAS WITH A PRINCE is currently on sale in the US/UK/CA/Australia/NZ for only 99c/99p. Prices are good at Apple, Amazon, Google Play, BN, and Kobo. Other countries and retailers may price match, so check your favorite. 

This price is good through December 26th. Grab it today!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Live Chat TODAY With Christina Dodd

A quick heads up: tune in to Christina Dodd’s Facebook page TODAY at 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific for a live chat!


As many of you know, Christina and I have been brainstorming books together for several years, which means we have loads of embarrassing stories about each other. We’ll share those (because how can we not?), and we’ll talk about upcoming projects.


Come ask your questions and enjoy! See you on Facebook this afternoon!