Thursday, August 6, 2009

Too Good For Words

Here's what happens when you start playing around on the internet when you should be writing: You come across the website for your Dutch publisher, and you get to see what your titles become when translated.

So if you were to go shopping for my books in Amsterdam anytime soon (lucky you...ride a bike on cobblestones while you're there!), be aware that Royally Jacked is actually Prince Charming:

Spin Control becomes Confusing Love, which I understand, since the phrase "spin control" doesn't exactly translate:

Ditto Scary Beautiful, which the Dutch publisher titled Too Good For Words:

And finally, Do-Over becomes Second Chance? (with the question mark in the title):

Which title do you like best? Foreign titles better than the originals? (While I like the sound of Too Good For Words, it makes a pretty big promise as a title! Is ANY book too good for words? Wrap your head around that one....)


Virginia Gal said...

Nikki, I met you at the Romance Writer's Association Literary signing. Thank you for being so gracious!

I have written to Simon Pulse because I REALLY want to see more of Valerie and Georg, for instance her senior year, what happens? It would even be great to see a story about someone else's story, maybe Urielke (sp) and just have Valerie and Georg in the background!

oh about this post, the title "Prince Charming" gives it away, I prefer Royally Jacked - there is some mystery in that title.

Nicole Burnham said...

Hey, it was great to meet you at RWA! And thanks for the Val/Georg kudos.

I imagine "Royally Jacked" didn't translate, either. But "Prince Charming" is a bit generic. I wonder how many hits you'd get if you googled Prince Charming Book?

Okay...can't help but try. It's about 763,000. (Fun note: The first result listed is by Julie Garwood, whose books I adore.