Monday, August 10, 2009

Aw, Becks

Another weekend, another sporting event. This time, my view was different than the usual third base line at Fenway Park:

Yep, that would be David Beckham. The LA Galaxy were in town to play the New England Revs, so of course I got to Gillette Stadium for the game. But lest you think I was staring at Becks and ignoring my own team, I'll make it known that he stared at me first:

Oh, I'M KIDDING. There were a bunch of guys yelling at Beckham from the front row, so that look was meant for them, not me. And while I did take a few gratuitous Beckham photos, the rest of the time I had my eyes on the game, which was tight from start to finish. (Though, sadly, the Revs lost.)

If you haven't been to a MLS game yet, GO. They're tons of fun, easy to follow, and unlike baseball and football, you know it's going to be over in 90 minutes so you can get your beauty sleep for work the next day. No overtime, no extra innings. And a major bonus: tix are cheaper!

What are you waiting for?

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