Monday, October 1, 2007

Rock Me, Baby!

Most writers say their happiest days are those when a new book hits the shelves. Not me. I'm all about the day I turn in a book to my editor. Today's one of those days. (Happy, happy, joy, joy!) This latest is a novella titled "Last Stand" that will appear in a collection called Breaking Up (Is Hard To Do) . The other stories are by Ellen Hopkins, Lynda Sandoval, and Terri Clark. Needless to say, knowing the story's now in my editor's hands has put me in a fabulous mood.

Now, to do my usual post-deadline routine: clean the house, get a haircut, and work off the snack food consumed at my desk over the last couple of weeks. I'm also off and running on a new book, set at a high school in the central U.S. It's a project I'm excited about, so I'll be posting more on that another day.

The other thing making me over-the-moon happy today, aside from the fact it's a mere thirty days until Halloween: The Colorado Rockies. They played a fantastic game against the Arizona Diamondbacks yesterday at Coors Field to finish the season dead even with the San Diego Padres. The game was actually on television at my house (go figure!) I was jumping up and down yelling every time the Rockies got a hit or made an out. When they got the final out, I cheered so loud I think I scared the dog.

The Rockies' win forces a one-game playoff (tonight at 7:35 ET on TBS) to see which team will grab the final playoff spot in the National League. I predict the Rockies win it, 7-5. They've been on an upswing, winning 13 of their last 14 games to get to this tiebreaker, while the Padres are 8-6 over the last 14.

But we'll see...I'm no sportscaster, just a writer in a good mood.

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