Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Bowen Bride

Every so often, when a writer types The End, they know the pages hold magic. I experienced one of those moments when I finished The Bowen Bride. Even better, I'd planned it as the launch for a new series, one set in a charming fictional town in Nebraska.

I sent the book off to my editor, who felt the same magic I did (whew!), and I got to work plotting the next book.

Then the wheels of New York publishing turned, as they inevitably do, and the publisher decided to close the imprint that was publishing the book. As a result, the book had a tiny print run and readers had a difficult time finding it. On the bright side, those readers who did find and read The Bowen Bride loved it, and it was named a finalist for the RITA Award, which is the highest honor given to romance fiction.

I told myself that when the time was right, I'd find a way to republish the book and continue the series. Fortunately, that time has come. Updated and with a brand new cover, The Bowen Bride is now available at retailers everywhere, in both ebook and print (with audio in the works!)

The Bowen Bride tells the story of a man certain he's missed his shot at love, a woman who's adjusting to her hometown after time spent away, and a bridal shop with its own special secret. You'll meet neighbors and friends, and experience the magic that makes certain small towns endlessly fascinating.

I can't wait to hear what you think. As you read, I'm hard at work on more stories that take place in the wide world of my Royal Scandals series, and in the new, intimate setting of Bowen, Nebraska.

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