Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Indulgences

I've been head down, hands on keyboard for the last few months working to bring you Lina Cornaro's story. I'm doing the final passes through the manuscript now and can't wait until it's in your hands. I think you'll enjoy delving into Lina's relationship with Formula One driver Ivo Zanardi. They have a complicated, passionate history together, and I've had a total blast writing about them.

In the meantime, I wanted to share two fantastic reads that are perfect for summer (if you're here in the northern hemisphere) or that'll warm up your winter if you're in the southern part of the world.

First, many of you know that I am part of a plot group with authors Emily March, Christina Dodd, and Susan Sizemore. We meet yearly to discuss our works in progress, brainstorm, and talk shop. Part of what makes the group work is that we all truly enjoy reading each other's work. While you're waiting for the next installment in the Royal Scandals series, I'm happy to let you know about two great releases from Emily and Christina.

First, Emily March has a new book out TODAY that I'm dying to read. Not only is Emily an incredibly talented storyteller, I love her Eternity Springs series because it has all the heart and rich family dynamics I want in a romance series. Check out her newest, A Stardance Summer, set at a glamour camping site in the Colorado Rockies, and tell me what you think. I suspect you'll enjoy reading about the Callahan family as much as I do. Here's a quick excerpt to whet your appetite:

No. No way. She couldn’t be Derek’s sister. Brick’s childhood best friend’s uptight, nerdy overachieving good-girl little sister must have a doppelgänger. Liliana Howe would never skinny-dip in public.

And yet . . . she’d always been tall. Those legs. But she’d been skinny. She’s not skinny anymore!

Somebody abruptly switched off the music. Into the sudden silence, Brick said, “Freckle-Sticks? Is that you?”

I bought my copy this morning and can't wait to start reading.

Second, Christina Dodd's latest romantic suspense novel, Because I'm Watching, is out in paperback. This is one of the best romantic suspense novels I've ever read, and definitely topped my favorites of 2016 list when it came out in hardcover last year. If you enjoy movies like Rear Window, this book is for you.

Enjoy...and stay tuned for news on Lina Cornaro's story. Release date info coming soon!



Christina Dodd said...

Thank you, Nicole! Your unfailing support for BECAUSE I'M WATCHING means a lot to me, and I hope your readers enjoy.

Unknown said...

It's a fabulous book. I've recommended it to more people than I can count. Can't wait for the next Christina Dodd romantic suspense!