Monday, December 3, 2007

Yes, They ARE Out To Get You

Color me thrilled with last night's episode of The Amazing Race and the ouster of Shanna and Jennifer. The pair claimed that they were a lot like the "Beauty Queens" team of Dustin and Kandice. Um, nope. Dustin and Kandice weren't my faves when they started out on the show, but they grew on me. They rarely argued (a tough thing, given the circumstances of the race), they knew each other's strengths and weaknesses, and they cheered each other on through the toughest days. Not so Shana and Jennifer. Talk about a whine-o-rama. The only thing these two have in common with Dustin and Kandice is hair color. Note to Jennifer: you wouldn't have made it as far as you did without Shana using that U-Turn, so you should've been thanking her for doing it. Remember that it's a game . You're supposed to get the other teams by using the U-Turn! It's in the rules and everything!

So glad I don't have to listen to them fighting again next week.

On the other hand, color me not-so-thrilled about James being voted out on this week's episode of Survivor China. James had the right attitude about the game (loved that he was able to simply shrug and say he blew it at the end, instead of storming off like many other losing contestants), but the wrong attitude about his tribemates. They were out to get him. They knew that if he stayed even one more round, the game was likely to be his. James's trusting, optimistic nature is what makes everyone like him, but it was also his downfall.

What I've have LOVED to have seen: Denise flip and tell James that the rest of the tribe was about to vote him out. I kept waiting for it to happen, but no dice. (Arrgh!) James was Denise's tightest ally, and I think that going along with the group to get rid of him will leave her adrift. She still hasn't figured out that she's dead last in the alliance's pecking order. But if she'd saved James's tail by cluing him in to Amanda's plan, they could have ousted Todd instead. James would owe her...and I bet the two of them would have gone to the end. Even if she couldn't beat him with the jury, second is better than she's likely to do against the rest of the group.

James's ouster means I have to figure out which Survivor to cheer for now. Amanda is playing a smart game, so props to her. I think she's going to turn on Todd next...wonder if he's aware of that? If so, she's toast. Erik and Courtney are coasting. Peih-Gee is just annoying.

Guess I'll see who impresses me next week....

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Emily Marshall said...

I was glad to see Shana and Jennifer get the boot. They annoyed me. And I never understand why people make such a big deal about others using U-turns and other obstacles in the game. Or when they make comments like, "I guess everyone's true colors are showing now."'s a race. A competition.

And I loved the beauty queens in both seasons they were on. I really wanted them to win.